Here are some snippets of my movie called "my movie", that only consists of found material downloaded from the internet and put together in order to create a new artistic value. Which I think is possible, if not the only thing left over in post modern times. If everything has been done, why not simply use it? Or as my grandmother never would say "You can't reinvent the wheel, but you can spin it!"

Back in 2011 I simply downloaded everything I liked with no purpose whatsoever. I wanted to have it, own it, like a record. Then I started cutting some scenes together for a performance. And then I made a "movie" of it. Ok, at least length-wise, which is the length of the current 50 highest grossing movies, that was 2 hours, 16 minutes and 42 seconds back then (haven't calculated the whole thing again, but shouldn't have changed that much). Through the years the aesthetic more and more drifted from simply, rather incoherent, frame by frame (jump-)cuts to a longer picture-in-picture-method, whilst Brad Troemel's video "The Millenial Biennal" was sort of the catalyst for that development. I think one can see the difference quite good from the second to the third video here in this list, where I twice have used (2012 and 2015) that quite famous Fugazi "Basket scene" (a recording of a concert by Fugazi in which Guy Picciotto jumps into a basketball hoop).

I then showed the movie 2012 at art school (the last video here), but never since then and wrote a text (German) to it here [PDF]. To be honest I wasn't really satisfied, also as I thought that the "own artistic value" mentioned before was not given. But to this day I have actually another 2 hours of new material that cluttered up over the last 3 years as I always rendered some minutes about every month and that added up. Still have to make some more and a lot of actual scenes are for the waste bin. And I want to put my handwriting on a few parts, too. But then that should be about it and I hope that by the end of 2016 the 'movie' really could be finished. From time to time I post updates and gifs from the video here.